Image Factory

Image Factory carries out all types of projects in production and post-production.
Whether in 4K, 8K, HD or UHD, 35mm or 3D animation, we involve our customers and partners in all stages of the production process.
For every project, regardless of size or destination, we strive to achieve the perfect result and rendering, because with us, only the satisfaction of our customers counts.
As a result Image Factory is a production tool open to all artists, actors, directors, producers, screenwriters or designers, as well as to all technicians, journalists, reporters, master operators, sound engineers, editors, graphic designers , web designers, etc.
Since 2017 Image Factory has entered a new era by opening up to international markets.
We offer packages for the post-production of a film, series, video or advertisement ranging from simple editing to color grading and finishing, special effects and other 2D / 3D modeling.
Our expertise in filming is also put at the service of foreign production, added to the natural diversity of Moroccan landscapes, and the ease given by the Moroccan film industry to shoot in Morocco, Image Factory now offers many advantages to any type international projects.

Image Factory

For every advertising project, Image Factory is present at every stage of the production process, from production to media delivery, including image and sound processing.
Image Factory identifies your needs and translates your ideas into images while respecting your messages and helping to make them even more impactful.
Image Factory works in close collaboration with the largest advertising and communication agencies, in Morocco and abroad, always responsive and very attentive to their requests and those of their customers.

Image Factory

Since its creation, Image Factory has always sought to support the development of cinema in Morocco, producing feature films and short films.
The dedication for Image Factory came with Road to Kabul adventure comedy who was on the top of the box office during 24 months in the cinemas of Morocco, and who remained 6 months at the head of the box office in the Kingdom.
thus beating all records of attendance of Moroccan cinema.

Image Factory

The opening of the audiovisual space and competition from satellite channels, the Moroccan public has become increasingly demanding in terms of quality and diversity of television programs.
It is with this in mind that Image Factory has extended its field of action to television, producing, often successfully, television movies, original series, entertainment programs, documentaries, etc.
Thus, each year, Image Factory offers original concepts and projects to the main channels of Moroccan television, but also of French television.

Image Factory

For your internal or external communication, Image Factory helps you to promote your business by enhancing the image of your activities, your know-how and skills, as well as your human and technical resources.
Image Factory produces and carries out all types of institutional projects:
institutional films, corporate films, training films, reports, seminars and other events, etc.

Image Factory

Since its creation, Image Factory has made it a point of honor to encourage Moroccan artists of all styles, known and less known, particularly in the field of music.
Image Factory has therefore, in this sense, accompanied many artists by reaching out and realizing for them clips always very creative and at the forefront of technology inlays, compositing, 3D animation or graphics, etc.)

Image Factory

Image Factory proposes to be the partner of your transmedia achievements in all areas of audiovisual, digital entertainment and interactive communication.
Producer of many projects including 3D animation, Image Factory now has the most advanced equipment on the market in all areas of graphic animation (computer graphics, motion capture, 2D / 3D graphics palette, etc.).
Image Factory also provides its clients with experienced and creative graphic designers, all capable of meeting the artistic and technical constraints that this high-tech sector imposes.